Saturday, March 01, 2008

Congratulations Charlie!

Does anyone know the blogsite for the first Evotri contest winner, Charlie Parsioloa? Though I actually voted for someone else, I had a feeling he'd be the winner, seeing that his video got many more views than the other 3 finalists. And what a great addition to the team he'd make, being a doctor from Louisiana, one of the fattest states, and especially with the New Orleans 70.3 race scheduled to debut in 2009!


On another note, I received a really cool petition that is seeking to ask Google/Google Maps to add the ability to find bike routes along with their current "Drive There" and "Take Public Transit There" options. I think this would be a great idea for cyclists as I, too, have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the best way to get to from point A to B on bike, which is NOT necessary the way I'd go by car. Maybe it'd get more people out on their bikes getting some exercise and saving on gas. And wouldn't it be great if Yahoo Maps and maybe Mapquest did the same too?

If you'd like to see this feature added to Google Maps, please click here to view the petition and sign it electronically. There are over 6,000 signatures so far (a thousand more than yesterday). Let's use the power of the web to make it grow exponentially!!!


Susan said...

Congrats to Charlie! I just watched his video again.

Now that I am cycling, I would LOVE to know of more bike paths and routes. Good idea!

Wil said...

Hey Shirley :) He doesn't have a site yet but it's in the works! As always you're super classy, thanks for reaching out already and welcoming him to the community!

Jade Lady said...

I didn't vote for him either, but I think he'll make a great team member of EVOTRI too. In fact, all the contenders were great! Can't wait to hear what they decide to do for the next contest!

On another note, glad u found that bike petition - I'll definitely send that around to folks I know! javascript:void(0)

akshaye said...

I didn't vote for him either but his video was great! Congrats to him.