Monday, March 31, 2008

Simply Stu Worldwide Tri III

This year my Simply Stu Worldwide tri spanned 3 days and 2 states: Florida & New Jersey.

Friday, I swam an easy 1300 yards in 31 minutes, working on form since I'd not swam much recently. I'd hoped to get a photograph taken by one of the lifeguards but there was a Spring Break kids swim camp going on. I didn't think they should be distracted for even a moment.

Saturday before heading to the airport, I woke up at 3:00 am, ate breakfast and then went upstairs for an easy spin on the exercise bike for 45 minutes and 14 miles while Dave slept. Watched part of North Dallas Forty, an old (1979) Nick Nolte movie. Made me glad I'm not a pro football player.

By 5am I was showered and on my way to the airport to do the Ocean Drive Marathon in New Jersey as my run segment on Sunday. See the post below for more details. This time I do have some photos :-)

But what am I most proud of? My team of 5 runner friends who'd never ever done a tri before in any form or fashion:

Akshaye - 20 laps of swimming, 14 miles biking and then 26.2 miles running. Oh, and did I mention that it was also his first-ever marathon too?!!

MarathonChris - Details to be revealed soon but I know she ran a 10K PR as part of it!!

Relay team of Petra, Susan and Maddy - 1500 yards swimming, 13.1 miles biking, 6.2 miles running. What a GREAT way to show that even injuries cannot stop one from being a part of the Simply Stu event. All three want to do a tri on their own next year -- Way Cool!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and also to everyone else who raced this weekend including Sarah (ING Georgia 1/2 marathon), RunningGeezer26.2 (Winter Park 10K), Nancy (National 1/2 Marathon), SmithPosts (Knoxville 5K), Steve (Joe Plant 5K) and Fe-Lady (California 70.3). Additionally, my step-daughter Katie (BYU Splash 'n Dash), sister Jade Lady (SimplyStu WW du), and NYLisa (Scotland 10K). Wow, this was a busy weekend!

Ocean Drive Marathon

As you can see, it was a beautiful blue sky day but notice the flag. Winds starting out at 14mph meant temps were gonna feel like 25-35 degrees -- my coldest race to date. And there was going to be considerable extra work getting to the finish line on this point-to-point course because we'd be running against it most of the way.

Still, I set my usual goal of a 4-hour finish. I knew this race was probably going to be cold and windy from the race reviews I'd read and was layered like an onion. I also had a plan: draft other runners as much as possible until the last 10K.

Draft? Yes, it's legal in foot races and it's the smart thing to do if you can find folks who will break the wind for you. And usually the polite thing to do is share the work and pull for a while too but being a small person, no one ever wants to be behind me ;-)

The first couple miles were not too bad, though, since the course turned inland for a bit after mile 1. But after mile 3 we were heading back to the coast and over some bridges, completely exposed, fighting the headwind and gusts over 20 mph. The waterway scenery was beautiful but I dared not try to take my camera out for fear of losing it. Miles 1-5 done in 44:10 (8:50 pace).

Along the way I'd found 2 other guys to run behind. The big guy in red was only doing the 10-miler and didn't mind pulling the entire way (YEAH!). The guy to his right in blue and me just shifted from back to side depending on which direction the wind was coming from. Blue Guy was a 3-time Ironman finisher and used bike hand signals to indicate which way he was going and to watch out for curbs, etc., which made it easier for me to follow. During this portion along the boardwalk we had a little shelter from some buildings so I darted out in front of them for a moment and snapped a couple photos. Miles 6-10 done in 45:14 (9:03 pace).

After the 10-mile finish line, there were much fewer runners on the course and Blue Guy, who was also doing the marathon, dropped back to eat a gel or something. Around the halfway point I found 3 other guys to run with but they didn't seem to be interested in working together, unfortunately. Two of them were from the DC area and sped off around mile 15 after we'd braved a couple bridge crossings together. I ran alongside (not drafting) the third one from Houston, TX, for a while until ~mile 20. Turns out he, too, was a 50-states marathoner so it was fun exchanging stories while enjoying the pretty scenery and commiserating about the wind. Miles 11-20 done in 1:32:02 (9:12 pace).

I told Houston Guy my race started at mile 20 and he dropped back soon thereafter. I came across the DC Duo again, one of whom appeared to be really slowing down now. Around mile 22, the course made a 90-degree turn and I saw a glimpse of a guy who was running nearby me much earlier in the race. I remembered him because he was wearing a bright orange hat and had said he was training for Ironman Wisconsin. He was pretty far ahead, maybe nearly a 1/4 mile, running alongside another guy with a small woman in tow. I made it my mission to try to catch them. Miles 21-25 done in 44:43 (8:57 pace).

By mile 25 Orange Hat Guy and his group were less 20 yards ahead of me, still totally unaware of my plot. The finish line was straight ahead off in the distance, straight into the wind. Everyone could surely see it but no one seemed to be sprinting for it. My calves had just started to feel tight, too, so I thought I'd decided not to either but suddenly found myself in front of the threesome I'd been chasing and had no choice. Did they slow down?

Like I'd just stolen a candy bar from a store, I bolted and hoped none of them would catch me. I passed a few others along the way and was about to pass one last guy when he turned around and saw me and just beat me to the finish line (oh well). Last 1.2 miles done in 10:12 (8:30 pace).

Final race time: 3:56:24, 5/14 F40-49, 14/92 F

16 more marathons left in my 50-states quest!

Side note: Just after crossing the finish line, my calves really began cramping up, which is the first time they've ever done that in a race or in training. I tried drinking water, stretching and walking it off but nothing seemed to help. Then I sat down and ate a banana and, presto, the cramps were gone in minutes. I'll carry salt caps with me during marathons from now on, even if it's not a hot race.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Wow, just got into NJ not long ago and saw the official news that I got enough votes to be one of the top-3 who will be interviewed Monday night (3/31) for a slot on Team Evotri. The other two fine triathletes who also made it are TriSaraTops (from OH) and TriBoomer (from TX).

But what I'm mostly thinking about right now is not the interview but rather the incredible support I've received from so many people the past couple weeks. As some of you may recall, I was not sure I should even enter. I mean, who am I to think thousands of people will vote for me? All I thought I had at the time was an exciting idea for giving back to the endurance sports community, one that I thought I needed the visibility of being on Team Evotri to be able to launch.

But I was wrong. I have some amazing family members, friends and acquaintances, many of whom I've never met in person, who know how to pull strings and get people to vote. And they did, especially the past few days. I now also think I have enough visibility to launch the project regardless, which in many ways would be the least I could do having had so many people back me.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted for me and even those who didn't who put up with my spam without so much as a peep. I'm truly honored to have made it this far and grateful to have connected and reconnected with people from the present and my past, and gotten to know many others through this contest. Whatever happens, there's now a fire inside of me that cannot be put out!!

Vote for Me to Be on Team Evotri

To vote for me, please send an email with on the subject line. You can click on the Evote button below to do it or do it manually. Only one vote per person, but you may certainly tell others to vote too (and please do!). Voting ends Friday, 3/28/08 11:59PM PST

Click here to see my application. This post will stay on top until voting is over. Below are newer posts.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me and a special shout-out to the following bloggers and organizations who have actively supported my quest to get on Team Evotri by linking to my blog and/or telling others to vote for me:

50&DC Marathon Group
Bike Friday YAK Group and Hawaii Chapter
BOBbies, Central FL Women's Cycling Group
Central Florida Tri Club
Hal Downing's Newsletter, Weekly Central FL Cycling E-News
Jade Lady
K&K (a private family blog, but a very big family she has!)
Marathon Chris
Orlando Sentinel Chain Gang, Orlando Newspaper Cycling Blog
Road Warrior
Team Armada, Orlando Area Road Bike Club
Track Shack, Central FL's Premier Running Store

Your kindness is GREATLY appreciated!

Note: If you or your group should be on the above list and are not, please email me!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back on Track

WOO HOO! My second 7.1 mile bike time trial (TT) was yesterday and it's clear that I'm back on track.

For any new readers, I had a most unpleasant meeting with the asphalt about month ago and had to severely cut back my training, mainly due to injured ribs.

Now the only physical remnant of the incident is still a noticeable bump on my leg, which husband Dave thinks is a deep muscle bruise that can take months to heal. It only really bothers me when I try to pull on/off a wetsuit over it or use that leg as a bumper -- BAH!

So I turn on my bike computer at the TT for the first time in weeks. I hadn't wanted to know how slow I was going when I was recovering but now felt ready to see some numbers. There was about a 12 16 mph wind (per Weather Underground) that was gonna make us fly on the outward leg but make us suffer on the way back. My kind of race, actually.

And thanks to recent time change, it was still light out, a huge difference to me from my first bike TT back in January. The women also got to go first so no long cooling off period after my warm-up. When I lined up, the woman in front of me says, "Oh no, not her, she's fast." I remembered her from the last TT but my only real goal for this race was to stay upright. I hadn't done much fast riding at all in the past month and had no idea what the bike computer would be telling me.

But this time we didn't have anyone holding us up at the start and, of course, getting my shoe clicked into the pedal under pressure has always been somewhat of a struggle. I finally manage to do so after like a bazillion tries (really, about 5) and am now thoroughly pissed because I couldn't take advantage of the little downhill we start off on.

In the second mile I see my speedo reading 25 mph but think I can't hold it (or could I?) so I back off to 23-24mph. Again, this is with the wind helping.

Near the turnaround, I finally catch the woman who'd started 30 seconds in front of me and she gives me a nice cheer (thanks Roberta!). But, I slow way down making the U-turn, still afraid my bike will slide from under me as it did before. Of course, there's the photographer as I'm going like 10 mph ...

Headed back home and into the wind, I start off only around 18.5 mph but know it's gonna be "fun" for a while so I ignore the bike computer and just try to stay strong. A couple guys pass me but I start gaining on some other folks: one other woman, a young girl, and a couple guys who were just out there riding, not racing.

By the last mile or so I'm holding 20+mph, just barely. Legs and lungs are burning and I'm now cursing the wind and the lactate threshold treadmill test I took the day before. It'll be over soon I keep telling myself. It'll be over soon. It'll be over soon ...

I focus on trying to catch one more guy in the final hundred yards. Just before the finish, he turns his head around, sees me, starts going faster but then goes around it. As I realize he's not racing either, I roll across the timing wires and let go of the pain of racing. Sweeeet!

My race time: 19:25.6, 21.93 mph
Dave's race time: 18:06.8, 23.54 mph

My time is actually 7 seconds slower than last TT but a 0.76 mph faster average speed so they must have either lengthened the course a bit or computed the speed differently. Whatever, the wind was much tougher this time and it's the first race since my crash so I am happy with my performance. Dave's time, though, is a huge improvement, largely because he didn't miss the turnaround this time :-P

Then after the race, I put on my running shoes to go put Vote-for-Shirley flyers on all the parked cars. Dave joins me and helps when he's done with his race. Not a whole lot of folks at this TT but I talked to some in person who said they were members of other local clubs/groups and would pass my name on to their members. Thank you!!!

Added: Had my first pain-free swim last weekend and will be back to swimming more after my marathon on Sunday!

Monday, March 24, 2008

What's Stopping You?

Today I submitted a questionnaire to my local tri club coach that had a couple interesting questions in regards to the goals I wrote down:

1. What do you think is interfering with your goals?
2. What do you think is holding you back?
3. Are you willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term success?

Really, they could apply to any goals one might have, whether social, financial, family, sports, health, etc.

For me, it's having sufficient motivation to do things. The harder or more fearful the task, the more motivation I need so I tend to take on some pretty tall orders and use the fear of failure (which can sometimes mean fear of serious injury) to drive me. Anything less is too easy for me to back away from. I feel like I'm constantly making short-term sacrifices for long-term successes but like to view them as investments, not sacrifices per se.

Some people are probably just the opposite, preferring to start out small and build confidence, or wait until the "right time" to tackle big goals they have.

What about you? What your answers to the questions above? What do you or have you done in the past to overcome them?

Sometimes I think we are too busy or distracted to do much self-analysis. We're looking for ways to improve ourselves and setting goals without really understanding what drives us or holds us back. Now having written this post and the one below I understand myself a bit better. And in case I need reminding, I can now just read about it :-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pulling Out All the Stops

Black belt tests, marathons, Ironman races, my 21 Run Salute campaign, and now this Evotri contest. What do they all have in common?

They've all taken me WAY outside my comfort zone. I mean, WAY out.

And not just for a few short minutes as when skydiving. We're talking hours, days, weeks and sometimes months of pushing myself to do things that are not only uncomfortable but downright painful, mostly mentally. Second guessing myself as to whether I can do it, asking myself why the hell I'm doing it and wondering whether it's worth it. Shoot, why can't I just have a big blister or something instead? That I know how to deal with.

In fact, fundraising and this contest have been the hardest to me. Really. Training and racing I can do without much prodding, in general. But it's completely against my nature to talk to strangers and ask them for money or votes. Actually, it's completely against my nature to do that even to friends. Family, not as hard, but still not easy. Man, I so wish I was an extrovert!

But it's just the way I am. I'd much rather spar against a 200# gorilla or push myself physically until I puke.

Yes. I. Would.

But there's a reason for me having to do it, I think, besides wanting to meet goals I'd set out to achieve and, in this case, to be on the team. It's because I know suck at asking people, even family members, and especially strangers, for help. Therefore, I've knowingly (perhaps subconsciously) put myself in a position that will force me improve myself. Sound familiar?

No? Well, then obviously you haven't studied my first Evotri video in my side bar :-) (There's line in it that goes something like this: If I don't work on my weaknesses, I'll never get better.)

Damn ... I said it on a YouTube video so now I have to do it ...

And I have. While I want to someday live on an island, I don't want to be one.

But what I did in round #1 of the last contest was obviously not enough. No, I read what TriToBeFunny did in contest #1 and realized I need to pull out all the stops and go way beyond. Like at mile 20 of the Olathe Marathon when my whole body was shutting down from severe dehydration and I was on the verge of dropping out every 10 feet. Like during the last hour of my second black belt test when I thought my ribs were cracked and was sure the next good blow to them would send me to the hospital and make me fail my test. Or the second lap of my Ironman swim when the conditions were so rough that my only focus was on making it back to land safely (and NOT via a boat or jet ski), screw the time cut-off.

That's the type of going beyond I'm talking about. That mental fortitude to keep going or do things that you thought you could never do or perhaps never wanted to do. That thing that allows you to overcome yourself and become the person you want to be.

And now on this last day of voting, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who voted for me, passed on the word to others, and give special shout-outs to those who posted links to me on their blogs and organizations I belong to who've helped with my campaign:

50&DC Marathon Group
Akshaye (NEW!)
Bike Friday YAK Group and Hawaii Chapter
Central Florida Tri Club
Jade Lady
K&K (a private family blog, but a very big family she has!)
Marathon Chris
Petra (NEW!)
Road Warrior
SmithPosts (NEW!)
Track Shack

If I've somehow missed you, please let me know.

And just before I was going to hit the publish button for this post, I got a news flash from Team Evotri:

The voting has been extended to next Friday, March 28th, 11:59PM Pacific Time.

It appears their Evote link code was not working for all the contestants and so they're giving us another week.

Hope you all have a nice holiday weekend. If you happen to think of anyone else you can ask to vote for me, please direct them here. Thanks!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Care Package

A good friend of mine in the Marine Corps recently left for her third tour in Iraq. Several years ago, she was the one who first brought me to a step aerobics class. I'd never gone to a gym class before and was so awkward and uncoordinated that I almost fell many times. Still, she kept bugging me to come with her and I started enjoying the workouts, mainly because of the group atmosphere and the music. It was so different than when I jogged/ran on my own. Something new and challenging. My first venture into cross-training although I didn't know it at the time.

In the past when my friend had said she was going to Iraq, I told her to let me know if she ever needed anything. She never asked for anything. So this time I told her I'd send her something from Hawaii.

I just did. I placed the order online at Hilo Hattie and since they were offering free shipping for orders over $100, the care package will have enough Kona coffee, Hawaiian cookies, Macadamia nuts and other island goodies for her to share with others in her unit.

And next time I feel myself wanting to complain about heat, stress, being tired, in pain or whatever, I'll think of her and other troops who are in harm's way. Hell, I've got it soooo easy. Thank you, my friend, for serving our country.

PS - In case you haven't heard, the Post Office is now offering a discount on shipping care packages to the military. Click here for more details.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Making the Team: 2008

All right, folks, get ready for this ... a mash-up of 14 different Evotri videos!!!

For those who don't know, Evotri videos were created for a triathlon sponsorship contest that involved winning a cool bike, top notch accessories, personal coaching, wetsuits, and more. Some of the videos made it to public voting while others did not and were destined to be forgotten. A couple are actually blooper reels that were made just for fun. The mash-up is a mix of all of them showing some of the wonderful people involved in triathlons and why we do it (2:55).

Now if you've never created a video for a contest, take my word for it, there's a LOT of work involved. Then posting it on YouTube for the world to see and having someone download it and spin it their own way, well, that just adds on a whole new pucker factor. So I want to thank everyone who allowed me to use their video(s) by displaying the credits again, this time with links to people's blogs and original YouTube videos added (I wish I could have done this in the video!)

In Order of Appearance

TRIBOOMER   Blog   Video
PSYCHOSYD   Blog   Video
MEREDITH   Blog   Video
SARAH   Blog    Video
MICHELLE   Blog   Video
COMMODORE   Blog   Video
SHIRLEYPERLY   Blog   Video   Blooper reel
CARRIE   Blog   Video
TERRY   Blog   Video
JOSHUA   Blog   Video
LAURA   Blog   Video
STEVE   Blog   Video Blooper reel

And since there's a second Evotri contest to win the same fantastic sponsorship package mentioned above, this blog post is doubling as my application for that. Say what???

Yes, rather than writing a 500-word (or less) post just about me, I've decided to showcase my personality and commitment to the endurance sports community by doing what I think I do best: using computer technology to support and encourage others. Although I enjoy doing so in many conventional ways face to face as shown in my first Evotri video (see side bar under my profile), I can't be everywhere I want to be in person. Through email, this blog, comments on others' blogs, online forums and now videos, I stay in contact with friends wherever I go and reach who knows how many others (we know there are always lurkers and folks watching YouTube videos!). In fact, the mash-up video was conceived of and created entirely while I've been on a small island in the Pacific. I searched YouTube for Evotri videos, emailed the people who'd posted them, most of whom I'd NEVER contacted before, and now 12 of us are all starring in a video together promoting our sport. Isn't that amazingly cool?!

And I receive so much from others, too, which keeps me wanting to give back.

In this second contest, the three people with the most votes will be interviewed to discuss their ideas for an original project that will bring together the endurance sports community. I'd love the opportunity to use my passion for running and triathlons along with my knack for computers to send the world a message:

Endurance Sports are for Everyone!

Thanks for reading! If you think I should be the next
fully-sponsored member of Team Evotri,
please write down the URL of this web site and have it ready for
voting when you click the EVOTE button below. Thank you!

Voting begins Saturday, 3/15/08, and goes through Friday, 3/21/08, 11:59PM Pacific Time. In case there is any doubt, my URL is

Please tell others!

NOTE: If the Evote button link is bringing up a mail program you don't want to use, use your regular mail program to send an email to with in the subject line. Only one vote per person, please.

You Know You Travel Too Much When ...

1. 15-16 hours travel time doesn't seem really long any more.

2. You know MCO=Orlando, IAD=Dulles, ORD=Chicago and many other 3-letter airport abbreviations.

3. You know which seats to avoid on most airplanes and consult before selecting any that you are unsure about.

4. You know better than to line up in back of tourists or families when going through security.

5. You can recite the airline safety briefing that they give you before take-off like the Pledge of Allegiance.

6. One of the most important items in your carry-on luggage is noise-canceling headphones.

7. You're usually one of the first to board and can grab all the pillows and blankets you need.

8. You know what the various bell dings during a flight mean and react before having heard the announcements, even while half asleep.

9. You have hundreds of little shampoo, conditioner & lotion bottles and never need to buy any of that stuff.

10. You don't bother to fully unpack your bags any more when you get home.

PS - I'm back in Orlando now and will be posting my application for the second Evotri contest later today or tomorrow. So please check back!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blame My Mac

Poma, which means apple in Hawaiian, is on the left. My old laptop on the right is the one with the broadband card, the one I use to connect to the Internet when I'm on travel.

Being the new baby, Poma wanted me to play with its cool movie and music making tools. WOOSH, nearly a week gone since my last post and I've hardly read anyone else's blogs -- Sorry!!!

Well, Poma is quietly sleeping now so I'm back on my old laptop catching up. Since my last post I went out for a longer 1.5 hour bike ride, a 2 hour run and today I went for a 3.5 hour run, which was about 20 miles, the longest run I'll do for my next marathon end of this month. All were done at low intensity and went quite well, even the bike ride. I've avoided swimming the past few days since it hurt my ribs the most and I wanted to be as pain-free as possible for my long run today. Tomorrow I'll swim and bike.

Off now to visit others!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Letting Go of the Brakes

Today was my first bike ride in a while. Yesterday I'd tested to see if I could lean some weight on my upper body while on the exercise bike. It was time.

Before I headed out, I posted my first draft of the Evotri essay for review by my editors (sister & husband). Then I just had to fix 10 more things before they probably saw it. Finally, I got my procrastinating butt out the door with my Bike Friday.

It was a gorgeous day, which always helps. I couldn't get my bike computer to work, though. Strange. But this was to be an easy ride so who cares how fast I went or how far. Let's just see if I can ride without hurting as much as before.

Once on the road I had no major pain but was noticeably riding UNlike my usual self. And I'm not talking about simply riding slower, I'm talking about riding scared. Yes, I'd definitely lost some confidence in my cycling skills. I was afraid I'd fall again and hurt myself even worse than before. And if I did, Dave would be unable to help me, being thousands of miles away. I needed something to distract me.

Unfortunately, all I could think of was this darn head-on car collision I was involved in over 20 years ago (What happened to positive thinking?). Back then, no seat belts were required so my head found the windshield and it cracked (the windshield). I ended up with a concussion and also good chest bruise from the steering wheel. I kept "seeing" imaginary cars and headlights coming towards me when going through that intersection and avoided it for probably a year.

Back on my bike, something similar was happening. Everything seemed to be out to get me ... rocks, glass, gravel on the ground, parked cars, cars coming up from behind, cross traffic. Even surfboards in the back of trucks going by seemed to be waiting to jump out at me. I felt as if I was pedaling through a war zone, in Hawaii of all places, LOL.

Then I spun up that little hill that I ran up the other day and got a lift. No shearing rib pain, though I was breathing pretty heavy at the top -- YAY!

As I recovered I tried to clear a nostril that was bugging me. No one was near me but I wasn't able to generate the force that was required. I had to settle for a sniffle. Very unsatisfying.

But later came the most telling part of my ride, going down a big hill. Usually, I fly down hills as if I had a death wish. This time, I couldn't get my hands to let go of the brakes. OMG, what happened to old Shirley?!

Obviously, my mind was not back into it yet.

But I made it down to the bottom safe, back up and back home without the sky falling. Tomorrow I'll head out for a longer ride, try letting go a little more. I think it's actually better that my bike computer stays all zeros right now. I just need to get out and ride.

PS - My Macbook Pro just arrived !!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hmm ...

Well, the second Evotri contest has been announced. Basically, it involves writing a blog post illustrating your personality and your commitment to the endurance sport community. Special code will then inserted into your blog post so that people who visit your blog can vote for you. The 3 people with the most votes will then be interviewed by Team Evotri members and sponsors regarding their vision of giving back to the community, which involves having in mind "an original project, gathering, or event, etc. that has yet to be launched, and that would bring the endurance community together either physically or virtually in the spirit of our sport."

I have an exciting original project in mind but don't think I'll get enough votes to be selected as one of the top-3 who will get to present it. I need some help making a decision.

Poll results as of 3/10/08:

Thanks everyone for your input!

Note that without the visibility of being on Team Evotri, the idea will be much harder to implement. If I gave it to someone who made the team, I'd help them implement it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Papaya Power!!

OK, here's a first, two posts in one day!!

But I just had to write about my first real run today since you-know-what. Real as in outside and shoes hitting the pavement. Yeah, baby!

Of course, it was not at all fast, more like an easy jog, much like what I used to do many years ago to clear my head. I brought along one 10 oz Fuel belt water bottle and my camera just in case I didn't get very far and ended up walking. At least I could take some photos.

You know what?

That camera never came out!

Nope, once I got going and had adjusted my pace and stride to keep my ribs and the bump on my leg happy, I didn't stop until I was ~4 miles away! Took about a 3 minute break to rest and refill my water bottle at a beach. Then, guess what?

I actually went a little further!

Yep, to the top of this bitch-of-a-little-hill down the road, just to see if I could do it. Chuggah, chuggah, keep going, all the way, to the top -- YESSSSSS!

Then I turned around and headed back, still going quite slow, but smiling as big as the sun inside. I may not be able to swim and bike much right now but I can run. It was like old times, a nice comfy pace, easy breathing, no Garmin, no plan, just time to myself. FUN!!

To celebrate when I got back, I ate a whole papaya. Well, not the seeds or skin, but you know what I mean. I actually had one yesterday too and will have to get some more because now I'm out and I wanna run again tomorrow!

Total time out: 1:37, including 3 min walk break
Total miles: 9-something, who cares???
Weather: Partially cloudy, ~80 degrees!

Congratulations Charlie!

Does anyone know the blogsite for the first Evotri contest winner, Charlie Parsioloa? Though I actually voted for someone else, I had a feeling he'd be the winner, seeing that his video got many more views than the other 3 finalists. And what a great addition to the team he'd make, being a doctor from Louisiana, one of the fattest states, and especially with the New Orleans 70.3 race scheduled to debut in 2009!


On another note, I received a really cool petition that is seeking to ask Google/Google Maps to add the ability to find bike routes along with their current "Drive There" and "Take Public Transit There" options. I think this would be a great idea for cyclists as I, too, have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the best way to get to from point A to B on bike, which is NOT necessary the way I'd go by car. Maybe it'd get more people out on their bikes getting some exercise and saving on gas. And wouldn't it be great if Yahoo Maps and maybe Mapquest did the same too?

If you'd like to see this feature added to Google Maps, please click here to view the petition and sign it electronically. There are over 6,000 signatures so far (a thousand more than yesterday). Let's use the power of the web to make it grow exponentially!!!