Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Surprises in 2010

Wow, what a special year 2010 has been, not so much because of what I did but rather because of many things I did not expect. Here are my top 10 surprises in no particular order:

1. Finished my 8 year long 50 states marathon quest with 8 sub-4 marathons (3:39-3:58). They were the fastest multiple marathon race times for me since I got into tris back in 2006. Thank you, Coach Bill, for getting me to the finish lines and more!

2. Entered a bikini contest! Holy moly, this is something I never thought I'd do but it was to help a friend raise awareness for a good cause, not to show off my old body. Still, submitting my photo to be voted on publicly was one of the hardest/scariest things I've ever done. I'd rather run a marathon or do an ironman!

3. Ran my first ultramarathon. Thought my legs would be wanting a bit of a rest after my 50 states were done but no...
Derby 50K (actually 31.5 mi), 4:45:18, 4/19 Female.

4. Joined Facebook, finally. Finding it to be a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends and make more friends. Unfortunately though, it's taken nearly all my time away from blogging :-(

5. Found a great tri club. After years of merrily training mostly on my own, I joined a new tri club at my Y, had loads of fun training with others and I even got up the courage to do some short races. EEKS!

6. Did a 21 events this year! Started the year focused on getting my 50 states done and thinking running 8 marathons would keep me from doing much else. Boy, was I wrong...

7. Visited Australia. I tagged along on one of my hubby biz trips and got an unexpected trip of a lifetime!

8. Signed up for the Boston Marathon, again. I am really not a fan of big, expensive races but the chance to meet up with friends I'd probably never see in person otherwise was too much too resist. Now I'm just going to have to make that race worth every penny ;-)

9. Was a part of Bree Wee's Spreading Aloha to the Marshallese project. This was my first time bringing holiday cheer to folks who don't have much and the best Christmas for me in years!

10. Heard about Team Mango Racing's new half & full iron tris in Kona mid-February starting in 2011. No qualifying, no residency requirements and no race fees. It's a dream come true for someone who loves racing without much hassles or hoopla. (And I now have a new big goal that will probably keep me busy for years :-)

Happy New Year & may 2011 be full of nice surprises for you!!!