Monday, December 15, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka!

This is probably what would happen if I ever asked dear Dave to hang up our Xmas lights. Assuming we have any Xmas lights.

So instead, we do ourselves (and others) a favor by going back to Kona for the holidays. And watching the NBC broadcast of the Ironman World Championship last Saturday was the perfect precursor. So fun to see some of the best triathletes in the world racing in my hood!

Hope all of you enjoy your holidays. I'll be back mid-January with a race report from the Zoom Yah Yah Indoor Marathon in Minnesota to kick off the new year. Then iron training begins in February. Aloha!

PS - If you want to see Dave and I doing some holiday cross-training, click on the image above to visit my sister Jade Lady's blog.

Monday, December 08, 2008

2008 in Review

17 Races Completed:
  • 7 marathons (3 sub-4 BQ race times!), a half marathon and a 5K
  • 3 half iron tris and a sprint tri
  • 4 bike time trials

    Two of Three 2008 Race Goals Met:
  • Run at least 5 marathons - Check!
  • Work on speed and do shorter distance races - Incomplete. Did some bike time trials but managed only one 5K and one sprint tri before I pulled a hammy and had to lay off speed work :-(
  • Sub-5:45 Half Iron tri - Check, 5:42:32 at Miami Man!

    First year I tracked my training (except for vacations). As of today:
  • Swam 196,906 yards. Will break 200K this year!
  • Biked 2540.30 miles.
  • Ran 723.95 miles.
  • Other workouts 34.58 hours.

    A Year of Patience:
  • Signs of plantar fasciitis at the start of the year. ARGH!!!
  • Bike crash in February (no upper body workouts for over a month due to bruised ribs and major loss of confidence on the bike!).
  • Stepped on glass while barefoot at the Gulf Coast half iron tri in May (foiled race goals).
  • Pulled hamstring end of July (greatly reduced running but an opportunity to improve my swimming).

    An INCREDIBLE Year for Blogging and Giving Back:
  • Made it to the finals of the second Evotri sponsorship contest. Thanks again to everyone who voted for me and got others to vote for me!
  • Logged over 100 hours helping out with local races. Thank you Track Shack for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of your staff!
  • Supported some awesome blogger friends by coaching and donating to their fundraising efforts. Congrats to Petra, Fe-lady, Iron Eric, Tammy, MarathonChris, Stef, CewTwo, Maddy, Planet3rry for challenging yourself to meet new goals and helping others!
  • Opened to have an additional outlet for inspiring/motivating others. Is one blog ever enough?

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