Monday, April 26, 2010


This Easter, Smoosh Bunny (SB), a Giant Marshmallow Bunny that has been mailed back and forth between my hubby Dave and his sister for years, turned 21!

And he (she?) showed up with a message.

So I brought him along with me back to Kona. SB got lucky and had his own seat on one of the flights.

He hung out on our lanai when I went out for my first run in 2 weeks after having sprained my ankle at the Gator Half Iron.

He hopped and sat in Dave's patio chair and watched surfers and boogie boarders play while patiently awaiting my return.

After my 5-mile run, I was drenched but very happy that I had no ankle pain at all -- Woohoo!!! But I was NOT used to running in heat having been spoiled by an unusually cool winter in FL. Need to start out earlier, not mid-morning when it was already approaching 80!

As promised, I took SB out for a bike ride. To make sure he had a good view, I put him into one of my rear bottle cages.

I'd been mostly cycling while I couldn't run to stay in shape the past few weeks (unfortunately, the ankle flexion involved when swimming bothered my ankle so Coach didn't have me swim much once I could put weight on my foot). Below, we are at the bike ride turnaround. I had to hold onto SB tight when I took him out as that rascal wanted to keep going!

As usual, we had a headwind going back but lovely ocean scenery and other cyclists to try to catch made the ride back fun.

Next up for me, 3 marathons in 5 weeks, starting with the Providence Marathon (Rhode Island) on Sunday. My longest run was 16 miles last Thursday but all I want to do is finish these marathons, which should be doable provided I don't roll any more ankles.

Look forward to catching up with everyone this week!!!