Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vote for Me to Be on Team Evotri

To vote for me, please send an email with on the subject line. You can click on the Evote button below to do it or do it manually. Only one vote per person, but you may certainly tell others to vote too (and please do!). Voting ends Friday, 3/28/08 11:59PM PST

Click here to see my application. This post will stay on top until voting is over. Below are newer posts.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me and a special shout-out to the following bloggers and organizations who have actively supported my quest to get on Team Evotri by linking to my blog and/or telling others to vote for me:

50&DC Marathon Group
Bike Friday YAK Group and Hawaii Chapter
BOBbies, Central FL Women's Cycling Group
Central Florida Tri Club
Hal Downing's Newsletter, Weekly Central FL Cycling E-News
Jade Lady
K&K (a private family blog, but a very big family she has!)
Marathon Chris
Orlando Sentinel Chain Gang, Orlando Newspaper Cycling Blog
Road Warrior
Team Armada, Orlando Area Road Bike Club
Track Shack, Central FL's Premier Running Store

Your kindness is GREATLY appreciated!

Note: If you or your group should be on the above list and are not, please email me!


Jade Lady said...

Already done! Good luck!

Susan said...

Good luck, my friend!

jen said...

done and done! Good luck!! :)

MarathonChris said...

Got my three votes in...there is an advantage to having several email accounts :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

Thank you everyone for your votes! Please note that only one vote per person will count. I appreciate your efforts to help me, though!!

Sunshine said...

Good luck!!

Thanks for stopping by.. Today we got another 5 inches of snow.

peter said...

Hi Shirley. Yes I did the Inaugural Goofy also. It was my "poor man's ultra." Altho your excellent 3:35 killed my 3:53, it was the first time I broke 4 hours in a dozen tries (my PR before that was 4:16). I also had a good day on Sat., breaking 1:50 for the 1st time. It was a breakthrough weekend for me, the start of my best year of running. There's something to be said for flat running, obviously! Good luck on the vote!

IrishBlue said...

Done, good luck Shirley!!!

Drusy said...

Good luck Shirley!

CewTwo said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I'm glad the road rash is gone.

I hope you make the Evotri team!

Luis said...


Top three candidates for the Making the Team 2008 contest:

1. Shirley Pratt.
2. Sara Ziemnik.
3. Brian Brode.