Friday, March 14, 2008

You Know You Travel Too Much When ...

1. 15-16 hours travel time doesn't seem really long any more.

2. You know MCO=Orlando, IAD=Dulles, ORD=Chicago and many other 3-letter airport abbreviations.

3. You know which seats to avoid on most airplanes and consult before selecting any that you are unsure about.

4. You know better than to line up in back of tourists or families when going through security.

5. You can recite the airline safety briefing that they give you before take-off like the Pledge of Allegiance.

6. One of the most important items in your carry-on luggage is noise-canceling headphones.

7. You're usually one of the first to board and can grab all the pillows and blankets you need.

8. You know what the various bell dings during a flight mean and react before having heard the announcements, even while half asleep.

9. You have hundreds of little shampoo, conditioner & lotion bottles and never need to buy any of that stuff.

10. You don't bother to fully unpack your bags any more when you get home.

PS - I'm back in Orlando now and will be posting my application for the second Evotri contest later today or tomorrow. So please check back!


Wendy said...

YOW! (Great call letters for one's hometown, aren't they?)

I love seatguru!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, YOW is a nice one! Glad you know about with that long flight to Oz coming up, Wendy!!

Susan said...

Glad you're back safely, travel expert! I am all for the second round of Evotri stuff!!!! Fun fun!

Comm's said...

do those noise cancelling headphones really work? Whats it like using them

ShirleyPerly said...

While they don't work 100% against, say, a screaming baby right next to you, they do make a heck of a difference, esp. if you've got your music turned up pretty loud. The crying becomes just faint sounds heard occasionally in the background of what you're listening to. Regular ambient noise (talkative people nearby you, engine drone, etc) can disappear altogether. has some info about how they work and some recommendations. I like ear buds because they're small. I can wear mine for hours, no problem.

IrishBlue said...

Welcome back. Sorry I missed you. :-( Maybe next time.

akshaye said...

I love my noise canceling phones for the plane. They work decent. Glad you're back in Fl and looking fwd to your entry.

Maddy said...

Welcome home Shirley!

I am looking forward to checking out your application and supporting you!

I hope to see you soon at the WPRR.

runninggeezer262 said...

Welcome Home! I liked your list, especially your reference to the "Pledge of Allegiance". When I fly I like to use the word "God" too, they're called prayers! My next flight is from MCO to SYR not very exciting, but I'm going there to run :-) See you at TS.

Jade Lady said...

Enjoyed the list. So, now you have about 1000 little shampoo & lotion bottles :-)