Sunday, December 02, 2007

Las Vegas Marathon - The Skinny

Nice COLD weather and a pretty flat race course but I had some unwelcome issues crop up early in the race that threatened my sub-4 race goal.

Finish time 3:58:44 (9:06.5 avg pace)
Half split 2:05:25 (?)
F45-49 27/193
F 265/1586

The Full Monty by tomorrow!


Maddy said...

Check you out with a 7 minute negative split on the half! I'm glad you were able to meet your sub-four hour goal!

I'm looking forward to the full report!

Wendy said...

Great job out there Shirley!!! I look forward to The Full Monty.

MarathonChris said...

Great job on your race today! Looking forward to the rest of the story :-)

Susan said...

Awe-inspiring as always! :)