Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is that Disease???

Where you forget things all the time?

Oh yeah, Alzheimer's. That's what I think I have. Did I not just (like last Saturday) spend 3.5 hours in cycling purgatory due to dead legs?

Then why in the world would I be emailing my coach on Monday to ask if I could run a 12K (7.4 mi) race this weekend? Or, after getting the OK to do that, then asking if I could do a 14-mile bike time trial (TT) in addition a few days before?

All this knowing full well that I'm running the Fargo Marathon next Saturday (5/9) ...

Seriously, this is why I need a coach. I am getting antsy with all this training. I have not done a race since January which feels like freaking FOREVER! And all these killer race reports recently by RBR, Road Bunner, Stef, Leana, Petra, Formulaic, Jeanne, DC Rainmaker, Julianne, Oz Runner, Bree, to name a few ... WAH, I feel like I'm the only one NOT racing!!!

Well, Coach put my head back on straight. Yesterday I did my shorter bike intervals while everyone else raced 14 (Yes, I went to the TT venue anyway since Dave was doing it and it'd be easier to hit my 5 mile intervals at 90% effort there than by myself). I'm only doing the 12K race but that's not all this weekend (oh no, noooo):

Fri - 16 mi run @ marathon pace, 30-min easy swim.
Sat - 10 mi run (12K race + warm-up & cool-down).
Sun - 60 mi bike / 6 mile run, 45-min easy swim.

So, obviously, not much tapering for the marathon. But that is GOOD. Yes, you read that right! I wouldn't want to get used to running on fresh legs, would I? No, not this year when training for two iron tris two weeks apart.

Whose bright idea was that anyway?

I forget.


Wendy said...

Oh, Shirley! You are funny!

Enjoy the 12K!

Shannon said...

Sounds like your name is Shirley!

This is just YOU my dear and that's just why I heart you. :)

Gotta Run said...

Amazing still to think that you are doing TWO IM events this year.

Is there really such a thing as fresh legs. I do not remember what that feels like :)!

Formulaic said...

Seriously funny post!

It was great. I love to read about your (mis)adventures.

Keep it up

JoeyM27 said...

Don't worry, you are not the only one not racing! I read some of those race reports too and was saddened for a bit. I have a broken foot so I can't run for a few more weeks. )-: Keep up the hard work on your training

Lora said...

Shirley, you always crack me up!

Thanks for the shout-out on my blog. Pool tri swims are just weird.

Uh, have "fun" this weekend!

Sunshine said...

Second picture.. Cute Shirley!!
Glad to hear the trainer is working out well for you.. interesting to read your reports.

DaveP said...

If we didn't forget it hurt, would we ever go out for a ride / run a second time?

Road Warrior said...

I don't buy it, Shirley. I think you're enjoying the ridiculousness. Rock on!

Stef said...

CUTE pictures Shirley! And your training schedule: Yikes! :-)

So glad you get to race soon!!

Runner Leana said...

Holy smokes Shirley, you are one super motivated lady! You may not have had any race reports to write but all of your intense training is just awe inspiring!!!!!

Susan said...

You're a hoot! I love it!

I agree; coaches are awesome! I look forward to hearing about it ALL.

X-Country2 said...

You always have the best blog pics. :o)

Good luck next weekend!

The Alien said...

Wow you are training really hard!! After reading everything that you've been up to I feel guilty, now I have to go out and run 50 miles or something.... You are going to kick ass on your races this year!

Petraruns said...

ShirleyPerly girl you are hitting it hard! You crack me up with your photos - good that your coach is so sensible though. You're going to ROCK Fargo!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

you're so silly!! hope the 12K went well!!

Vickie said...

You're an addict! Good luck!