Thursday, April 09, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Back

Appreciate all your thoughts on the bikini question! We shall see what I can find and what shape I'm in come August. Hopefully, though, I won't look like any of the women below, LOL.


Things continue to go pretty well here in Kona. Riding alone for hours, rolling hills, big trucks shaking me sideways as they go past, headwinds for 20-25 miles, just another day in paradise.

I'm continuing to regain confidence in my hammy when running. No more shuffling like an 80-yr-old with a 10-inch stride. Yesterday's 11-miler at half marathon pace was actually a dilemma. What the heck is my half marathon pace? I seem to have only two speeds nowadays, marathon pace and too fast for comfort.

So I did some calculations with previous races to try to get an idea:

RacePaceAdj Pace*
6/02 Kona Half Marathon
Same gently rolling course, similar 75 degs
12/05 OUC Half Marathon
PR, flat course, 40 degs
1/08 Deland Half Marathon
Most recent standalone 1/2, flat course, 55 degs
Post-Hammy Injury (July 2008)
11/08 Miami Man 1/2 Iron
Most recent 1/2 in a tri, flat course, 80 degs
11/08 Route 66 Marathon
Fastest 2008 marathon, mostly flat course, 40 degs
1/09 ZYY Indoor Marathon
Most recent race, flat course, 60 degs
* Adjusted for 75 deg temps and rolling hills based on Daniels running calculator.
** Predicted half marathon pace based on McMillan's running calculator.

Great, somewhere between 7:36 and 9:38. Screw it!

I decided to just run by feel instead and finished with an 8:10 avg pace. Ha, I should just run more often!!

But it appears my swimming is headed in the wrong direction. Case in point, Tuesday was another brutal 300 workout: 3 x 300 with 30 seconds rest, followed 2 x 300 with 20 seconds rest, then 300 fast. This, of course, after 900 yds of warm-up and drills (down from 1200 last time, at least) that included plenty of dreaded kicking, the nemesis of runners like me who have inflexible ankles. My last "fast" 300 ended up being no faster than the easy 300 I did in the warmup (6:15) but 10 times harder -- UGH!!!!!

Last year, however, I would have been ELATED to be able to even complete such a workout. There was no need for me to swim more than 200 yards to be warmed up. I avoided kicking and doing drills, unless in a group swim, which was not very often, really. The number of workouts over 2500 yds that were straight unassisted swimming (no fins, pull buoys or paddles) were few. But I was swimming 4-5 times a week, as opposed to usually just 2 lately, and retaining feel for the water better, I think.

So perhaps comparing last year's swim times to this year's is like comparing apples and oranges? Would I expect myself to run as well running only 2 times a week and be able to run 13 miles strong after 13 miles of warm up and running drills?

Well, actually, I might. Let's see what my swim docs say.

Happy Easter, Everyone!


Susan said...

It's funny; I think a completely different situation does produce different results!

That tan line image is hilarious.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

such a funny photo!!

DaveP said...

Comparing last year to this year is only natural. The problem is that in isolation it can become very disheartening. Don't be obsessed by the times, rather use it as a indicator of areas where you might want to tweak the plan.

aron said...

love the tan line pic :) great job on the 11 miler! i dont really know much about swimming but that sounds hard to me!! great job :)

Oz Runner said...

pacing is hard to figure, isn't it....excellent pace on your runs, you're very speedy...

Tammy said...

Shirley that's a great picture LOL, got to love it and way to go on your running keep up the great work.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Love the photo!

Have a happy Easter!

jen said...

That photo is hilarious!

Great pace on the run and great effort in the pool. Don't sweat your times too much, just keep working hard. You're doing great!

Shannon said...

"Water-skiing" dude is scary looking!

To be able to do training in Kona is heavenly.

X-Country2 said...

Love the photo! Good luck with your workouts.

jeanne said...

that is the best photo ever!

to get a better idea of your pace, try mcmillan's running calculator. it calculates your paces for every distance. it's freakishly accurate.

i hear ya about the swimming. but your workouts ARE brutal! you just have to take that into account. swimming is practically killing me this year!

Irish Blue said...

I look like the computer Too funny.

Hello - 8:10 pace in a practice half? I would kill for that.

Question - Do you think swimming is making you a better runner? My sports ortho said he took up swimming when he was injured and couldn't run and came back to running faster than ever. He said he could not tire his lungs, he just ran until his legs gave out. Just curious what your experience has been.

RBR said...

You are so cool. I am sorry, but even your self-deprecating comments about the swim make you sound like freaking beast to me!

They should include the triathlete, variable length short, occasional knee length cycle pant, short sleeve, 3/4 length sleeve, tank top tan line combo. It is spectacular!

lizzie lee said...

Great speed. Nice tan... You should be in the picture too.

Thanks for your words, and as you can see I am back


MaineSport said...

If you can't improve 300s, shortedn it up to 200s or 100s. Once you conquer those, move back up. Funny picture!

Iron Eric said...

Happy Easter Shirley. Love the photo.

Sunshine said...

The tan lines picture is funny!

The picture you posted last Monday of you .. is very cute!!

Smithposts said...

Sounds to me like swimming this year is much better than swimming last year!! Hope you had a great Easter.

Jade Lady said...

Hey, are some tan lines is better than none, i.e., white as a ghost?