Monday, March 23, 2009

Change is Good

Thanks for the comments on my last post. Funny that DC Rainmaker, a young skinny guy, seemed to be the most calorie conscious of everyone. Then again, he's also lightening fast and vying for a Kona slot!

But hubby Dave has been diligently logging his food intake recently too. Though he's not counting calories per se, he's become much more aware of WHAT he's eating and WHEN, which could do me a lot of good as well, especially in making sure I'm getting enough protein, which is always a concern for me (thanks Irish Blue and Sunshine for reminding me!). A visit to my doc to get some blood work done to make sure I'm not anemic (again) couldn't hurt either. Let's see, what was his or her name again?

Workout-wise, last week was week 2 of base building:

Mon - REST
Tue - 32 mi bike with speed work
Wed - 3150 yd swim, 4.5 mi track workout, strength workout*
Thu - 31 mi bike with speed work, 5.5 mi run @ race pace
Fri - Strength workout
Sat - Brick: 35 mi bike followed by 4.3 mi run (first brick of the year!)
Sun - 65 mi bike @ race pace
*Really should have done this strength workout on Tuesday but I wanted to save my legs for the late afternoon bike speed workout then discovered that I had no legs left - ACK!

See any easy workouts?

Me neither. Very different from what I've done in the past on my own and perhaps why I was feeling so wiped out and started worrying about my diet being inadequate (which it still may be). There's much more focus on quality (speed, power, technique, outfit color -- jk ;-) over quantity. What's also different is that I have NO idea what I'm going to be doing the following week as I usually get my workouts only one week at a time. I cannot obsess about what I don't know, right?

Or can I?

Just for grins, what would I be doing now if there was no Coach Bill?

Well, my next two major races are the Fargo Marathon May 9th and Rock 'n Roll Man, a half iron tri, May 30th. I'd continue my basic marathon maintenance mode of running 2-3 times a week, ride a couple times a week with Dave on the weekend (maybe a short time trial during the week) but try to get to the pool 4-5 times a week come hell or high water in hopes of improving my swimming. If I had any time/energy left, maybe some core work would get done too.

How does that compare with what he had me do this week?

 Coach BillMe on my own
Swim (yds)
Speed work?
1 (3150)
4-5 (8-10,000)
At least twice/wk
Bike (miles)
Speed work?
4 (163)
Yes, 2 of 4
2-3 (100-125)
Fartlek or TT, maybe
Run (mi)
Speed work or brick?
3 (14.3)
Yes, 3 of 3
2-3 (20-25)
Maybe a brick
Strength (hrs)
Incl. cardio w/u & c/d + stretching
Full body (4)Core only (1)
Total Hours16:3915-17

Bottom line, I've had some significant changes to my training and a lot has changed as a result. The annoying hammy and shoulder/elbow issues are pretty much history and I'm able to run fast again and swim pain-free. I'm becoming a pretty decent cyclist, which I read somewhere can help me run stronger in tris, but I'm most happy that I'm no longer so paranoid about cornering and riding hard and fast (even in rain and by myself in training) as I was after my bike crash last year and for most of the year too, actually (mental wounds take much longer to heal!). And while I'm hungry for more swim workouts and longer runs, doing less of them was probably the best thing for me, along with the added strength training, so I could allow myself to heal up. I'm sure more will be coming in due time.

Thanks Coach. Also for posting my new workouts and making this upcoming week a bit of a recovery week!

(Photo: Coming towards the finish of a half marathon December 2005. I was getting my butt kicked in training every week back then (my first time doing speed work) and it paid off. Looking forward to being in that kind of shape again this year but with nicer arms :-)


Petraruns said...

You look gorgeous in that photo - beautiful. And strong! Nothing wrong with your arms but something tells me Michelle Obama will have to play catchup with you on the arms soon...

You sound like you're on top of it all and the change is doing you good.

X-Country2 said...

Busy busy lady! I recently read Nutrition for Endurance Athletes and thought it was really good. Lots of helpful information.

Calyx Meredith said...

I also have to watch out for anemia - so the reminder to pay attention to protein helped me too. You've got some great workouts there. You sound very focused. Can't wait to see how that pays off. Yay Shirley!

jeanne said...

you do look strong! your "me" workout schedule would kill me, nevermind the coach's one! sounds fantastic though.

aron said...

your training is going sooo well!! you are being very smart about it all too... great job!

Molly said...

Wow, you've had a busy training week - that looks hard but it sounds like you are putting those hours to good use! Way to go!

Runner Leana said...

Wow, that is quite the week of workouts! You are one strong lady!

Sigh, I should probably get back to maintaining a food log...

Rainmaker said...

Very nice - looks like the new workout plan has more focus to it in some areas. I know that's one big change my coach made as well when I first came onboard - focus and ensuring that I was able to rest appropriately.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great photo!

Whoo- what a workout schedule!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

looks like an intense week!

Gotta Run said...

Love the pix. So focused.

I am sure you are enjoying your Monday rest day. You earned it!!!

Susan said...

Awesome photo! Like Rocky!!!

Your training looks awesome - WISH I could join you. :)

I have "Eat Right To Train Right" and think it's fabulous. Now I just have to follow it!

jen said...

That is a very intense week, you are a machine!! I am glad your nagging hammy and arm issues are gone. Good luck with your upcoming races!

Eileen Swanson said...

Awesone pic! You look GREAT!!

Shannon said...

It looks and sounds awesome! Coach Bill sounds like my Coach Bill minus all the smart-aleck remarks!

COTY said...

You are strong and beautiful !

PLANET3RRY said...

I think this post is what I need to get back to the Aquatic Center at kunch and start swimming laps. I am thinking that the summer tris will definitely be on, but it's been months (last fall) since I have been in the pool

MaineSport said...

The best coach I ever had (swimming) believed in low yardage and high quality- practice the way you want to race. Nice post.

Rural Girl said...

I'm glad the coaching is working out well for you. Keep it up!

Sunshine said...

Really interesting .. the training with your coach. Thanks for sharing the details.
Picture is super.. fun to remember having seen That Runner in action .. in person.
You Go, Shirley!

Irish Blue said...

I second Petra. You look awesome! Sounds like you've got a plan in play and it's working pretty well...not surprised of course. Good luck with the upcoming races.

The Alien said...

That picture looks great!! And it seems like you are going to do some serious butt-kicking this year with the new training!!