Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to Dave

Today is my husband Dave's 46th birthday. Since I'm abandoning him this weekend to run the Colorado Marathon, we're going for a 46 mile bike ride later today. And on Sunday while I'm running the race, he's heading up to St. Augustine, about 2 hours away, to see Drew Kallio who'll do an all-out fitting for Dave on his tri bike and road bike.

What's that involve?

Oh, just 6+ hours of client interview, detailing muscular/skeletal, ride history, bike fit goals, body measurements, flexibility assessment, body analysis/categorization, rotational cleat adjustment, spin technique drills, bike handling drills, computrainer spin scan to measure power wattage output, torque angle, aerodynamic drag analysis, lower limb alignment analysis, metabolic testing, VO2 testing and custom insoles. And another couple hours of the same on the road bike minus the last 3 items.

The funny thing is that Dave does not even race! He just wants to be the best he can (and survive the Hotter 'n Hell Hundred bike ride in August).

Well, I look at it as a good thing since he's my riding partner. Namely, the faster he goes, the faster I'll go, not that he's been my limiter (the opposite is true, usually, unless we're riding 60+ miles in really hot/humid conditions). We averaged over 20 mph on our last 36 mile ride on Wednesday night, a new record for us and one that really pooped me out in the pool the next morning. I was tired just doing the warm-up!

Today, however, is supposed be an easy 46 mile ride since I'm doing a 26.2 mile fun run on Sunday. I just hope we don't see any other cyclists on the road. Like a dog that sees a cat, he'll drop me in a heartbeat to go chasing after them. Then again, it is his birthday ...

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


Cory said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. The best of luck to you at the Colorado Marathon. I will be running the same event only I will be running the 15 mile mini. This is my home town and ends in our historic old town area. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything while here feel free to email me at Good Luck!

Cliff Tam said...


Happy b-day to your husband.

6 hr? that's an intense interview.

I would love if people give me sweet peppers instead of present for my b-day...those things are expensive. Especailly the organic ones.

Maddy said...

Happy Birthday to Dave!

Good Luck on Sunday. I will be sending good fast thoughts your way.

Looking forward to the Race Report!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Dave!!!

Good luck in Colorado!!!

MarathonChris said...

Run strong in Colorado!!!! :-)

Susan said...

I really like your map of the USA. That really helps to visualize where you've been and where you still need to go!

petra duguid said...

Hey ShirleyPerly - hope you had a great run today in Colorado. I just checked our your schedule for this past week - you are smokin' girlfriend!