Monday, May 14, 2007

Next up: Florida 70.3

It’s been a week since the Colorado Marathon and I'm loving the fact that I ran that race slower. No residual aches or pains. My legs felt great on the 51 mile bike ride I did on Saturday and the 7-mile run on Sunday.

Earlier last week, however, I had a terrible headache from all the brush fire smoke in the air. I’d wake up with a headache and it’d get worse after swimming and doing a bunch of flip turns. Then I’d spend the rest of the day feeling nauseous. Thankfully, the air cleared up on Thursday. I was seriously considering getting one of those masks to wear.

So now it’s the week before Florida 70.3, a half iron tri consisting of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run. Last year it was my second-ever triathlon and coming down with the flu just before the race and lack of experience made for a very challenging day. I had no appetite and didn’t eat much before the race. I swam most of the way by breast stroking (I’d just learned to swim freestyle but not well enough to do so in open water and while coughing). I didn’t eat/drink much on the bike (still no appetite), yet I pushed the pace pretty hard because I just wanted it to be over so I could go on to what I thought would be my strongest event. Boy, was I wrong (bonked!).

Swim 57:12, T1 6:22, Bike 2:53:55, T2 4:04, Run 2:38:20
Total race time: 6:39:51

And then I was sick for another two weeks after the race. Bleah!

This year will hopefully be different. I decided not to go to Germany with my husband this week in order to try to stay healthy before the race. I am much more comfortable in the water and can swim freestyle better, though still not fast and I need to breast stroke to sight. I now know a lot more about nutrition and pacing after having trained for an ironman.

My main goal this year is to finish Florida 70.3 feeling stronger than I did last year. It’s a so-called “C race” for me, meaning more of a training day rather than a race. I’m looking to swim a bit faster, bike a bit slower, and run much stronger. Knowing that it’ll probably be in the mid to upper 80's by noon, here’s what I think I might be able to do time-wise if all goes well (i.e., no goggle problems, no flats, no sprained ankle, no GI issues, etc.):

Swim 50-55:00, T1 5:00, Bike 3-3:05:00, T2 5:00, Run 2-2:15:00
Total race time: sub-6:30

I also hope to meet up with fellow bloggers Brent and Eric, who will be at Florida 70.3 as well. If the smoke stays away, it should be a great day!


Cliff Tam said...


Good luck on 70.3. Are you swimming freestyle this year? Go show the ocean who's a 1/2 Iron lady...

ShirleyPerly said...

Thanks, Cliff. I'm planning to swim freestyle a lot more this time. Should be a much easier swim than IMFL because it's actually in a lake, not the ocean, so no big swells or strong currents. Oh, and it's also only 1/2 the distance :-)

Bigun said...

have a good training day - I think the smoke will stay gone through the week, but I'm no expert....

Maddy said...

You are AMAZING! Without a doubt you will reach your goals! I will be thinking about and rooting for you!

Go Shirley, Go!

Iron Eric said...

Can't wait to meet you in Orlando! Best of luck!

Susan said...

I'm very excited to hear all about it! I feel very fortunate to have "met" so many amazing athletes since becoming a blogger! I'm in your corner!

IM Able said...

Good luck! I'm sure that you'll do very well -- I just have a feeling!

TriJack said...

is the fl 70.3 as reasonably flat as the profile looks?

good luck with the race - i'll be there too and hope to be able to say hello!


Wendy said...

Shirley, best of luck to you!!

I do hope you get to meet my brother and Eric.

Are you going to post your bib number?

MarathonChris said...

Good luck tomorrow Shirley!!! I will be looking for your times :-)

Swim, bike and run strong!

CewTwo said...

You are a person that I admire! I read of your acheivements and it drives me on!

Thanks for sharing!