Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Opening Soon!

Update: Just saw that TriSaraTops is the winner of the second Team Evotri slot -- CONGRATULATIONS SARA!

Thank you again to everyone who voted for me. The winner of the second Evotri contest has not yet been announced but it was not me, unfortunately. I got an email from them today saying someone else's vision for bringing together the endurance sports community was found to be the best fit for the team this year. I'm sure it must be great!!

In the meantime, I am going to launch my plan regardless. What is it, you ask?

I'm opening a cool new hangout spot:

This will be a website that will bring together in one spot photos, videos, podcasts, blogs, people profiles, ANYTHING online that has to do with everyday endurance sports athletes like us. And with help from you, the community, to fill the bar's vault, I will be serving up some of the best to provide inspiration and motivation every day:

Movie Mondays (must-see videos)
Talk About Tuesdays (gotta-listen podcasts)
Who's Who Wednesdays (people, clubs, groups that rock)
Thoughtful Thursdays (tips, questions to think about)
Foto Fridays (great photos)
Saturday Stories (cool reads)
Sunday Specials (announcements, polls, comics, whatever!)

It'll help fill the big gap between all the individual blogs, podcasts, videos, photos, etc., that are out there and the bigger-name websites that focus most of their attention on top athletes, product reviews, coaching tips, etc. In a fraction of the time it'll take you to find them online, the bar will connect you with some great athletes and stories that may never make the cover of a magazine but may be just what you need to get you moving. No memberships will be required and you won't have to be a blogger to contribute or participate!

In addition, I'll be organizing 2 friendly challenges:

1) Improve yourself through endurance sports (lose weight, quit some bad habit, overcome limitations/fears, meet some big goal, etc)

2) Help or inspire others through endurance sports (raise funds for a cause, start a training group, organize some event, etc)

Stay tuned for more details!


Comm's said...

too bad about the spot. You've made it to the end every time. I admire you for that.

runninggeezer262 said...

Sorry to hear you were not selected for the team. It looks like you haven't missed a beat and are ready for a new challenge. It sounds like a fun project and I'm looking forward to the update. You've got my support!

TriSaraTops said...

What a wonderful idea, Shirley!

Thank you for the congratulations. This was extremely tough competition and I admire your grace and your dedication to this sport! I am honored to even be mentioned in the same league with both you and TriBoomer. You are both fantastic athletes and people.

Best wishes to you as you launch the Bar! :)

Bolder said...

you can count on me at the bar too.

it was an extremely hard choice, and your dedication to this community has been inspiring.

it was wonderful to learn more about you, and, now being subscribed to your blog, follow your journey.

Sarah said...

Count me in Shirley :) Looking forward to hearing more about it!!!

Rural Girl said...

Shirley, I want to reiterate Bolder's sentiments. It was an extremely hard choice.

I look forward to checking out your new site and hope it's a big success for you.

Susan said...

Man oh man am I lucky to know you, Shirley! This is GREAT!!!!

TJ said...

The bar sounds awesome Shirley. Can't wait to see it come together.

Jade Lady said...

Can't wait to see the bar! I really love the idea and am glad u are planning to go forward with it!

Smithposts said...

Sorry about the spot. Top 3 finalist is quite an achievement! sounds like an exciting new adventure. Haven't been to a bar in a few years so I look forward stopping in at this one!

Wil said...

We talked for an incredible amount of time to decide Shirely, and I must say "grace" is absolutely a word I would use to define you. I have the utmost respect for the class you've shown EVERY step of the way throughout the competitions, and for sure save me a seat at the bar!

peter said...

Sorry someone else grabbed the last spot, although that person undoubtedly was deserving, too. Your new plan sounds so cool, way to get out of your comfort zone again, Shirley!

TriBoomer said...

Can't wait to see more.

Stay tuned...

Calyx Meredith said...

Now THAT'S the kind of bar I'd like to hang out in! Thank you for going forward with your ideas. Can't wait to see it up and running. Peace.

Road Warrior said...

I'm sorry to hear about the Team Evotri thing. I really think you embody all that they stand for.

Great job on the new site concept. You're just exuding good karma!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Awesome, awesome idea!! Let your spirit continue to shine. It's extremely contagious!

TriCajun said...

Shirley, you ROCK!

akshaye said...

Shirley.. thats a splendid idea!

I am sorry you didn't make the team. But I wish you luck with the site. And thanks for the comments on the full. I just got back today and am catching up on the blogs.

IrishBlue said...

I think I missed the voting on this one? (sorry) I know you won't be detoured though. Hang in there.

The Bar sounds really cool. Looking forward to it!