Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Planning Ahead

Though it's not quite the end of the 2007 season for me, I'm already thinking ahead. I have to. Starting next year, I'll only have 4 more years and 17 marathons remaining in my "50 in 50 by 50" marathon quest. Of those races in the states I have left to do, there are certain ones I want try to avoid (trail races and really hilly ones). OTOH, there are 1/2 iron distance tris I'd like to do in addition. Oh, and I want my 50th state marathon to be part of a full iron distance tri to make it extra special.

I need a plan to make it all happen!

So I've drawn up a tentative events schedule for the next four years. Like this year, 2008 through 2010 will call for 5 marathons and 2 or 3 half iron distance tris. In 2011, the year I turn 50, I will do just 2 marathons, the last one being part of the Redman Iron distance triathlon (2.4 mi swim, 112 bike, 26.2 mi run) so I'm giving myself plenty of extra time during the year to train for it. There'll be other cycling and shorter events too but these races are the biggies.

Future Events Schedule
KY Derby Marathon 4/26/08
DE Delaware Marathon 5/18/08
Hawaii 70.3 5/31/08
Patriot's 1/2-I Tri early Sep
NH C. Demar Marathon end Sep
ME Sportshoe Marathon early Oct
NM Rio Grande Marathon late Oct
Miami Man 1/2-I Tri mid Nov
MN Z.Y.Y. Marathon mid Jan
NJ Ocean Dr Marathon end Mar
ND Fargo Marathon mid May
Eagle Man 70.3 early Jun
Patriot's 1/2-I Tri early Sep
CT Hartford Marathon mid Oct
RI Breakers Marathon mid Oct
Miami Man 1/2-I Tri mid Nov
PlayTri 1/2-I Tri mid Apr
WI Green Bay Marathon mid May
WY Casper Marathon early Jun
Utah 1/2-I Tri early Aug
Patriot's 1/2-I Tri early Sep
MT Montana Marathon mid Sep
IN Indianapolis Marathon mid Oct
WV Huntington Marathon early Nov
PlayTri 1/2-I Tri mid Apr
VT Vt City Marathon late May
Barb's Race 1/2-I Tri early Aug
OK Redman Iron Tri mid Sep

Why Redman and not some Ironman race like IM Louisville or IM Wisconsin, which are also in the Aug-Sep time frame?

Three reasons:

1. I have family in the TX and OK area (none in KY or WI)
2. The Redman course is relatively flat, much like FL
3. I can save becoming a first-time Ironman for another milestone birthday (I'll be eligible for a Big Island resident IM Kona slot starting in 2015 :-)

So there it is. All that remains is to do it.

If anyone will be at one of these races, please let me know!


Brent Buckner said...

Looks like a lot of (tiring) fun!

CewTwo said...

Geez! Talk about planning! Much less the kind of planning that you do and are capable of! I have always been so impressed with the ambitious goals that yoiu have set for yourself!

Maybe, some day, if I run a marathon, it will be because of the inspiration that you provide me!

Susan said...

I have no ideas to offer... only the feeling of GOOD LUCK!! I am super impressed with you, Shirley.

MarathonChris said...

Maybe I will join you in Vermont in 2011 - since I have family there :-)

Makes me tired just looking at that schedule, then again, many folks may not have seen the marathon schedule you had for your 21 run salute! This is cake in comparison ;-)

ShirleyPerly said...

Chris, you are right. Now if I see less than 21 marathons on my schedule, it looks pretty light ;-)

Maddy said...

What a plan! There is no doubt you'll reach your goal with a plan like that!

I'm sure someone you know will be at one of those races.


Rural Girl said...

I have a hard enough time planning out through the end of the week. You are the queen of planning!

It would certainly be feasible for me to see you at the Green Bay WI marathon.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Gosh, I think I'm doing well to plan a few months ahead... you're doing a 4-YEAR plan! I'm wondering what would happen if I did that! (Maybe have a better sense of direction?)

Wendy said...

Impressive planning Shirley!!!

It's going to be fun following along.

Steve Stenzel said...

WOW!! Great schedule!! And what a great goal!

BreeWee said...

That is amazing you have planned that far ahead... I thought I was really good at balanceing triathlon, husband, and son! NO WAY! You rock!!!
Best to you... come run Honolulu Marathon with me and you can knock one of the marathons off your list...December 9th.

lizzie lee said...

You must be a Project Manager too. I really support what you're planning because our minds are stronger than anything else.

I am thinking which will be my quest. As I am already 50, I cannot have the 50 by 50. I am thinking on some sort of goal similar to yours. It gives us strength.

lizzie lee