Friday, April 20, 2007

Poached Fish

That's how I feel right now after swimming for just over an hour in a pool that was 91(!) degrees. Apparently someone had mistakenly covered the pool overnight and left the heaters on.

The little toddlers on one side of the pool with their moms seemed to be enjoying the water but not us lap swimmers. I managed to do everything I had planned (2100 yards of various swim drills including 500 yards of the dreaded kickboard) but had to take longer breaks between sets. During the workout, I drank the entire contents of my 16oz sports bottle which I am so glad I brought with me and placed at the end of my lane.

If anyone knows of a positive benefit to training in really warm water, let me know. Otherwise, if it happens again, I think I'll go to the other pool located only 2 miles away.


Maddy said...

I like warm water in the pool, although I'm not swiming like you do.

If you have a cooler option for laps I would go that route.

Cliff said...

argh..that must be like swimming hot soup.

Susan said...

Search me! But it sounds extra-productive. At least you finished what you set out to do!