Monday, March 05, 2007

Hawaii Trip - Feburary 2007

I spent most of my time during this trip shopping, not at the beach or training (*gasp*). I severely underestimated the effort required to set up a new, for the time being, second home. Thank goodness my sister Joyce, who lives in Austin, kindly volunteered to come out and help me with this herculean task. My husband, who has no interest in shopping for things unrelated to bikes anyway, had to go to Omaha (poor guy).

For two straight weeks I prowled through stores looking for and buying furniture, lamps, electronics, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, and bedroom stuff. As well as miscellaneous items such as basic tools, a short ladder, a welcome mat and a fly swatter, just in case any unwelcome guests showed up. In addition, being in Hawaii and near the beach, a shoe rack, beach chairs, beach towels and some beach toys. I didn't even attempt to get pictures or any other home decor items this trip but did make sure to get a bike rack, since there's no garage, which instantly made the place feel more like home.

With the exception of large furniture items, which would be delivered, Joyce and I had to carry everything up 2 flights of stairs to my second floor condo (no elevators). I'm unsure as to how many miles I logged walking around in stores or climbing stairs, but it was surely the perfect way to taper for my upcoming Little Rock Marathon -- NOT!!!

In between shopping, lugging, and sore feet, we did have a little time to enjoy some nearby Hawaii sights, though. Like Honl's Beach, which is right across the street and, essentially, my back yard (that's Joyce behind the palm tree, not me, for the record).

We jogged along Alii Drive, a popular race and recreational route for walkers, runners and cyclists that goes past numerous condos (including mine), homes and scenic beaches. Within a mile going north are numerous shops and restaurants, as well as the start/finish area of the Kona Ironman. About 4.5 miles south is Keauhou Shopping Center and Kamehameha III Road, a nice 1.5 mile long steady hill climb with a wide road shoulder and sweeping ocean views.

Besides beaches and ocean swimming/snorkeling areas, we checked out a couple pools. The one located at the condo complex is big enough to swim laps in but probably for no longer than 30 minutes or one would get dizzy. A real lap pool is about 2 miles away at the Kona Community Aquatic Center. There are actually two junior olympic size pools there and we saw one being used for some aqua class and the other one for lap swimming alone -- COOL!

If we got done early with shopping, we tried to make it back in time to enjoy the beautiful sunsets from my condo lanai and loft.

And as a special treat, I took Joyce to the famous Donkey Balls Factory Outlet store, located a small town called Kainaliu, 8-10 miles south of Kailua Kona. Click the image below to view a little You Tube video she created from that trip and what Christina, her daughter, had to say about Donkey Balls.

I'll be back in June so more Hawaii pictures to come.

PS - If anyone is interested in buying property on the Big Island, I highly recommend my real estate agent, Cindy Wild. She's very easy to work with and is also a marathon runner and a volunteer at the Kona Ironman. She definitely goes the distance and beyond for her clients!


Cliff said...

So hungry looking at those donkey balls.


I have a quick question.

Last few posts, u were mentioning about training while on a trip.

What do u pack? I am going to Hong Kong this Sat for a month. I am trying to pack as light as possible.


ShirleyPerly said...

Hi Cliff,

Just sent you an email about what minimal things I bring in order to train while on travel, along with some travel/training tips.

If anyone else is interested, let me know. It was a pretty long email.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Shirley!

Are you renting out the place while you're not there? I know some people who might be interested :)

-- Karen

ShirleyPerly said...

Hi Karen,

We've decided not to rent it out. Too much hassle and potential risk, and it doesn't make sense for us financially either. Sorry ... has a lot of rental listings in the area if you or someone you know is looking.