Monday, November 06, 2006

So What’s Next?

With 23 22 (corrected 11/14) marathons left to complete in the next 5 years for my 50-states marathon quest, I have decided to focus on finishing those remaining marathons and doing half ironmans, which demand much less training time, rather than training for another ironman.

As I mentioned before, I signed up for IMFL 2006 because the timing was good. I was ahead in my marathon quest and wanted to take a break to train for an ironman for my 45th birthday. But now I must get back to my original long term goal of running marathons in all 50 states before age 50.

But doing half ironman tris and running 4-5 marathons a year should give me a solid base for ramping up to do another ironman within a year when the time is right again, even when I'm 50+. So there'll be another ironman for me in the future and I'll be better prepared for next time. Looking forward to it!!!


marathonchris44 said...

Sounds like a great goal. The half ironman tri's will keep you training for that full. Completing 22 more marathons - well that sounds like enough to keep you busy for 5 years all by itself.

Iron Pol said...

I would think your logic works. I've only run three long races per year (2 full, 1 half or 1 full, 2 half) for the past few years. Add to that 3 triathlons (2 sprint, 1 Olympic) and I am heading for Ironman.

If you have 50 marathons under your belt, your aerobic base should be huge. If you keep up with the cross discipline training, the transition to IM should be a piece of cake.

triathlonmom said...

Great race report. Glad to know how it all happened. SO proud of you for doing that 2nd lap to see if you could.

have you done a virginia marathon yet? The Richmond Marathon is next weekend and a bunch of my teamates are doing it. It is really beautiful.

Ellie said...

Hey, there, Shirley -- I'd like to keep track of how you manage the 4-5 marathons a year. I'm on a 50-state quest too (but I'm already past 50.