Monday, November 20, 2006

November is Fun Month

It's been a couple weeks now since Ironman Florida and I'm still enjoying NOT training.

What??? Shirley not busting her butt for some big goal? Surely, you jest!

Ha, Ha ... Nope. I'm taking an official break. No miles or hours being logged right now. No rhyme or reason to what I do, or not. In December I'll start doing some off-season training to maintain fitness and work on my weaknesses. But for now, I'm just playing.

OMG, what has happened the old Shirley we know?

Nothing. It's just time for a break, mostly a mental one.

For the past year, I've been climbing a huge learning curve: learning to swim, getting comfortable riding a road bike, figuring out my nutrition needs, then putting everything together in preparation for an ironman. Before that, I was focused on 21 Run Salute, a nationwide campaign in which I ran 21 marathons in 9 months with the goal to raise $21K for charity (the latter, IMO, more challenging than the running). And prior to that, I was training for my second degree black belt, running marathons and teaching several fitness classes a week.

So, time to rest, refresh and regroup!

In the pool, I will not count strokes or laps. Maybe I'll do anything but freestyle instead, say, breastroke or float on my back and listen to the SwiMP3 I got from Simply Stu (thanks Stu!).

I'll continue to go on weekend bike rides with my husband, doing things his way rather than mine. I must admit that it's a blast to go fast without having to think about running afterwards.

I'll run mostly short distances (no more than 5-6 miles) but occasionally join my friend Chris who is running long in training for her first marathon. Coaching her and seeing her progress is actually more enjoyable than running for myself right now.

And I'll continue to help out at my local running store, Track Shack, signing up people who want to race or join a training program. This is one of those jobs that is so fun for me that I feel that I should be paying them to do it!


Ellie said...

Sounds like a lot to me, actually! I have run one mile and biked 2.2 since IMFL.

I gotta get going....

Anonymous said...

Good for you, taking a break and time to "smell the roses." And thanks for joining me on my runs! :-) I enjoy the company on the long runs.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Hi shirley - this is my first visit to your website. I like the way you think!

I'll come back soon - have fun in your time off!