Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ouch, That Hurt

First of all, thank you for the comments on my previous post. For sure, Dave & I are a team and will be working together on his new diet. Right now, I'm getting a kick out of receiving emails from him (he's in DC now) telling me how "good" he's been. Traveling for work so often is where his biggest challenges lie, I think. I'll keep you posted on his progress, if for no other reason than to keep him accountable. I keep telling him he needs to start a blog!

Anyway, now on to my pain ...

Fortunately, it's not my calf again or some other injury, but it hurt nonetheless. What, you say?

A hard 5-miler yesterday.

With a marathon on tap for this weekend, I had to be super duper careful not to overdo things, yet I had to be honest about working hard. Since my calf fiasco last month, I've done mostly long & slow runs. That is, after I could even run again (there was no running to speak of as I hobbled around for 2 weeks). But, of course, I'm working with Coach Bill again and, well, I did not hire him to let me do what I want, did I???


So "5 miles Hard" was what he wrote and that's what had to be done. Wah, I'd rather run 20 miles easy!

I started out with a mile warm-up. Then I stretched my legs. Then I stretched my arms. Then I checked my Garmin to make sure it was going to record what I was going to do (you'd be surprised how many times I've accidently stopped it instead of started it -- doh!). Then I took some deep breathes. Then I checked my Garmin again. Jeez, get on with it already!!

OK, here we go. Beep!

1st mile, 7:31 - Well, I didn't want to start out too fast anyway.

2nd mile, 7:22 - Better, and no word from Mr. or Mrs. Calf. Doubly good.

3rd mile, 7:15 - Ran past a group of Navy guys chatting & stretching. Had to look strong.

4th mile, 7:20 - Darn. Starting to feel the burn.

5th mile, 7:14 - OMG, how much further, how much further, how much further?!?!?!!!

Beep! Thank god!!

5 miles in 36:42, a 7:20 avg pace.

TBH, I was a little disappointed. But not bad for a solo effort and so early in the season and coming off an injury. There's definitely some work to do to meet some TBA goals I also have this year, though.

Mind: HA, you thought we were just going to do 8 marathons, 2 half
         marathons, a 10K, a 5K and a couple half irons and leave it at that?

Body: Gulp, yeah.
Mind: Silly body! Mwhahahahaha.

Anyway, it's all systems go. My first marathon of the year is in Wisconsin on Sunday. It's another crazy indoor one :-)


Marlene said...

INDOOR MARATHON? With hundreds of laps? Oh boy, I can't wai tot read about that.

Nice job on the speedy 5-miler!

Petraruns said...

Sorry Shirley - just catching up on all that has happened in Shirley-land (and Dave-land) and that is a lot! Wow!

Thoughts - re you! I hope Mr and Mrs Calf behave in Wisconsin - though generally one does behave there doesn't one? - and I hope you enjoy yourself out there. I love that for you doing half IronMans is "keeping your hand in". You are IronShirley for sure..

As for Dave- you know I am in a very similar situation. Adam goes on and off diets and it can be very hard at times. The diet that, to me, seems healthiest and best if you are also working out is weight watchers (and here's the catch - WITHOUT using all their disgusting artifical foods). So use the system (online) to track your food intake (although they also have a non-track option diet so that might be better for Dave). Point is you DO get some carbs (complex would obviously be best) and I don't think you can go without them on a diet and still work out. Also - I don't think they are the enemy...

Let us know how he gets on - the diet seems very extreme but if it works for him it will motivate him. And dearie - I very much doubt the man has eyes for anyone but you!

TRI TO BE FUNNY-Carrie Barrett said...

Those are great times for a 5 miler! I hope to get back there someday myself :-)!

Maria said...

Indoor marathon? Girl you're crazy enough doing an outdoor marathon! Good luck with final preparations! P.S. bring warm clothes, the MidWest is cold!

EndorphinBuzz said...

Indoor marathon sounds crazy! Is it like 100 laps at a track? Good luck and don't forget to tell us all about it :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I bow to you for doing an indoor marathon! Hope the calf holds up well for you!!

Meg said...

I'd be pleased with those times, Shirley! You are running a marathon after all! I hope your indoor marathon goes well, please take pictures and have fun!

RoadBunner said...

I am itching to get back to speed work. Not sure when I'll fit it in without worrying 'bout injury but I have laid off of it since pre-CIM.

I'm not trying to PR this year but I want to keep doing some speed work to keep my "easy" pace from getting too pedestrian.

SO jealous about the indoor race! I think I told you before that your write-up inspired me to try one out. Was sad they were both in Jan so out for this year. One year I'll get there. I am a little worried because they tend to be in snowy locations and traveling there may be a bit of a pain.

Formulaic said...

You may be disappointed, but in reality you should look at your previous times.

2002 was your PR in that distance and you were only a minute+ off.

Plus This is your first dip into speed after all the LSD runs.

Not too shabby!!

Regina said...

I have split envy. Those are seriously fast splits. When I grow up I want to run as fast as you do.

Good luck!

Missy said...

I'm so with you - I'd rather run long and easy than short and hard...OK that really sounds dirty. Sorry:)

lindsay said...

am i missing something? confused as to what "TBA" means?

good luck this weekend! it sounds like i am the only other person who would do an indoor marathon, haha. :)

now as far as the 5-miler... first you give an intro about how you were injured and hadn't done any speed for quite awhile. then you run a 7:20 average and pout! girl, i am going to have to slap you around :) no, i know the feeling though as i have done that to myself. but, you should def be proud of the run effort! when i did my first tempo run after like 6mos of no tempo runs i think i aimed for 2 miles... not 5 :)

Kristi said...

Wow....speedy. :) I can only dream of one mile at that speed, let alone 5! Nice job!