Friday, January 22, 2010

Most Memorable Marathons

Since I "only" ran 4 marathons last year (2 standalone, 2 in iron tris), I've felt the need to get myself back into marathon mood. To jog my memory, here are some of my most memorable ones, many of which were run before I began blogging end of 2006.

Top 5 Most Speedy Marathons
1. B&A Trail Marathon, MD - 3:27:59, 3/2006 (even split)
2. Marine Corps Marathon, VA - 3:29:07, 10/2005 (neg split)
3. Rocket City Marathon, AL - 3:29:41, 3/2003 (neg split)
4. Museum of Aviation Marathon, GA - 3:30:58, 1/2004 (neg split)
5. Camp Lejeune Marathon, NC - 3:33:18, 2/2004 (neg split)

Top 5 Most Scenic Marathons
1. Big Island Intl Marathon, HI - 3:40:24, 3/2004 (rain forests & beaches)
2. Colorado Marathon, CO - 4:32:05, 5/2007 (beautiful canyon & river, but my PW)
3. Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon, AK - 3:38:18, 6/2004 (mtns, forest, wildlife)
4. Marine Corps Marathon, VA - 3:29:07, 10/2005 (natl monuments & famous bldgs)
5. Tri-State Marathon, UT-NV-AZ - 3:58:52, 3/2006 (snow capped mtns, high desert & sand carved canyons)

Top 5 Most Fun Marathons
1. Zoom Yah Yah Indoor Marathon, MN - 4:18:49, 1/2009 (150 laps of smiles!)
2. Marine Corps Marathon, VA - 3:29:07, 10/2005 (awesome camaraderie & spirit!)
3. Disney Goofy Marathon, FL - 3:35:22, 1/2006 (so fun to be goofy!)
4. Bayshore Marathon, MI - 3:45:28, 5/2005 (last of my 21 marathons in 9 months!)
5. Fargo Marathon, ND - 3:38:05, 5/2009 (wonderful spectator support & signs!)

Top 5 Most Surprising Marathons
1. Disney Marathon, FL - 3:33:32, 1/2003 (my first marathon and a BQ?)
2. Boston Marathon, MA - 3:36:34, 4/2003 (I have to run a second marathon?)
3. Rocket City Marathon, AL - 3:29:41, 3/2003 (first sub-3:30 & first neg split -- hmm)
4. Big Island Intl Marathon, HI - 3:40:24, 3/2004 (me first overall female?!)
5. Zoom Yah Yah Indoor Marathon, MN - 4:18:49, 1/2009 (who knew 150 laps could be so fun?)

Top 5 Most Screwed Up Marathons (my fault)
1. Olathe Marathon, KS - 4:27:58, 3/2007 (drank unfamiliar sports drink - poop!)
2. Air Force Marathon, OH - 3:45:55, 9/2003 (started WAY too fast - crash & burn!)
3. Carlsbad Marathon, CA - 3:54:19, 1/2005 (wore new shoes from the expo - owie!)
4. Little Rock Marathon, AR - 4:05:50, 3/2007 (sprained ankle at mi 8 - yikes!)
5. Nike 26.2, CA - 4:04:24, 10/2004 (ran early downhills too hard - oh my!)

Top 5 Most Screwed Up Marathons (NOT my fault)
1. Valley of the Sun Marathon, AZ - 3:59:15, 3/2005 (Not enough buses to the start)
2. aka Valley of the Suck Marathon, AZ - (no driving to and parking at the start)
3. aka Valley of the Yuck Marathon, AZ - (20 min race start delay due to #1)
4. aka Valley of the Outta Luck Marathon, AZ - (no volunteers at some aid stations)
5. aka Valley of the $@?&#!! Marathon, AZ - (not enough fluids or cups & a hot race!)
Luckily for everyone, this marathon is no longer in existence.

With the exception of the last two Screwed Up categories, I'm hoping some of my marathons this year will make one of my Top 5 lists. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


DaveP said...

Yeah, I remembered how much you like the the AZ marathon. With 8 of them this year, I'm sure that at least one will make one of the lists.

Lily on the Road said...

Holy Hannah Girl, you are FAST!

Love the list(s) and jealous that I didn't start marathon running earlier in life! *sniff*

But I'm so happy & glad to read all about yours :^)

Marlene said...

As a newbie marathoner, I really enjoyed this list. I hope I can put something like that together myself one day.... once I have run more than 3 marathons. :)

You have posted some incredible times and made some incredible memories, no doubt. You inspire me!

(And you ran a 3:35 marathon as part of the GOofy Challenge, and still had fun doing it? Incredible!)

Susan said...

I love the list! I hope to have a similar list one day.

Molly said...

OMG, your AZ marathon...I did it when they had gotten rid of the full and only had a half. Let's hear it portapotties for 13 miles! aid station folk who couldn't tell you when there was finally going to be a bathroom! a race advertised as all downhill that was really heavily uphill for the last 2 miles! Blech.

Meg said...

Shirley, you have run a lot of marathons! I loved the comments beside each one, that was interesting to see your times change in different directions through the years. I hope your race this weekend ROCKS and that you can add it to one of your favorites!
Neat post!

RoadBunner said...

Thanks for posting this! Awesome lists and breakdowns!

I echo Lily... First thought, Holy geepers you're FAST!!

Second thought, have you ever done Big Sur? If not, I highly recommend!

I looked at a bunch of ones you've listed for this year including Fargo & Midnight Sun.

And again, I seriously want to do an indoor marathon! People think it is crazy but I think it would be an amazing time!

Ruthie said...

Ok .. Loving your blog! Just found you today :)

I decided to take control by my 40th and have been feeling great ever since :)
can i add you to my blog list?? :) love your posts! thanks for inspiring me!

Nancy Toby said...

I see you're counting MCM for VA - do you have a DC marathon yet? National Marathon is a good one!

Road Warrior said...

What a neat trip down marathon memory lane. Thanks for sharing those!

ShirleyPerly said...

RoadBunner: No, I've not run Big Sur but would like to someday, particularly have lived in Monterey for several years. I'm sure that would make one of my top-5 scenic races!

Nancy: Actually I've run MCM twice so was going to count the other one as my DC race. But, as we all know, MCM does not really start or finish in DC proper. Thanks for the recommendation!

lindsay said...

what a good idea! first of all, speedy! and second, man you've run a lot. :) 3 indoor marathons now huh? i need to step up my game! and here i was thinking i'd need to run some slow marathons to cross off my 50 states but nooo shirley does it and pr's in like all of them ;)

EndorphinBuzz said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I'm planning my year but have nothing so far after June so I'll look into some of your good experiences :)

MarathonChris said...

Love this list!!!! You are my inspiration to someday get a BQ (but before I turn 70 :-) )

Sunshine said...

Loved reading your lists... some marathons we have done.. and some we may think about doing.

The Alien said...

Wow! I don't whats more awasome, that many marathons or the times in which you've finished them!! Impressive!