Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Aloha from Kona!

Well, thanks to advances in technology, I have high speed internet access here in paradise. For a while now I've had a Sprint mobile broadband card for my laptop but no high speed internet network to connect to in Kona. Now the bubble has been broken and I can blog, read other's blogs, and root for Brent, Rural Girl, IM Able and others doing Ironman Wisconsin this weekend, and also Duane who's doing a sprint tri.

Can you hear my cowbell now?

Of course, the reason I'm back in Kona is not to play on my laptop. I'm here for a 4-day swim camp and also so that some warranty work can be done at our condo. Today was the second day of the camp and my swimming was videotaped both above water and below. It was incredibly useful to see what I was doing, especially under the water where my elbows thought they'd be safe to drop and cost me power, among other things. And with only two people attending this camp and two instructors, there was plenty of attention on moi and plenty of swimming, 2 hours worth. I usually swim for only about an hour and am pooped!

Which is why I probably will do very few other workouts until the swim camp is over on Friday. Yesterday I went out for a run that was supposed to be an easy 6-miler. But shortly after I got started, this guy came up alongside me, started chatting and before I knew it, we were cruising along at about a 7:30-7:40/mile pace, which is like a tempo run pace for me. To avoid overdoing things, I took a bathroom break at a beach park at the halfway point and just threw water on my face so he'd go on ahead and I could run back on my own slower.

Luckily, the first day of swim camp later in the afternoon involved only about an hour of actual swimming while other time was spent on overview and going over the 4 basic strokes. I need to be a lot more careful about expending extra energy outside the camp. That little bit of faster-than-usual running was FUN!


MarathonChris said...

Glad you are online from Kona this time! :-)

Wow, what a pace for that run! But I know your focus this week is swim, swim, swim.

Have a good swim camp! Looks like you are getting your money's worth with the small class :-)

Petraruns said...

Wow Shirley - amazing stuff! What a great idea to do this swim camp - it'll prove so useful to you! And what a pace for the run as well. Have a wonderful time and let us know what you learn.

CewTwo said...

Talk of killing two birds with one stone (Figuratively speaking!)

You must be tired! Coordinating tome for the condo repair, swim camp and a fast run?

I'd spend most of the day sleeping... But what's the fun with that?

Good planning, good training!

Susan said...

Impressive! And oh you must be tired...

Post photos, please!

Brent Buckner said...

Hope you get a lot out of camp - I certainly expect you will!

IrishBlue said...

Do they have a "get your butt in gear turtle" camp there? If so, sign me up.

I use to live in Hawaii, but never made it to Kona. I would love to go back though. What an awesome place to train.

Wendy said...

Enjoy swim camp Shirley -- we'll be wanting all the dets, of course!